Companies Showing Acceptance Through Actions

For the last 3 and a half weeks, my partner and I have begun planning our wedding. On Sweetest Day, my partner Darren proposed to me.

We live in Michigan where discrimination is written in the State’s constitution. It is written that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman and that State of Michigan will not recognize any relationship between people of the same sex.

Darren and I are not letting this detour us. We are busy making plans for an exciting a beautiful wedding. We have put together our wedding party, picked out our colors, picked out the tuxes and are looking at the bridesmaids dresses. As Darren and I move forward in putting together our wedding, there are a few things I am realizing. One thing I have realized that this is an incredible amount of work. I am not a “details” kind of person. Planning a wedding is VERY detailed oriented.

The second thing I have realized is the amount of companies that are very accepting of mine and Darren’s wedding. I wanted to take the time and the platform of this blog to let people know of these companies because I think they deserve acknowledgment.

The first place is actually a local place to me. It’s George George Park in Clinton Township, MI. They have a beautiful Bridal Garden. I recently called them inquiring about dates available and prices. I am an honest person and mentioned almost at the beginning of the conversation that the wedding was for my partner Darren and I. There was no hesitation or judgement from the woman I spoke with. She was excited for me as I assume she would be for anyone who calls regarding their upcoming wedding.

The second company is Andiamo’s Italian Restaurant. This is a large chain of upscale Italian restaurants in the Metro Detroit area. Darren and I are planning on having our reception there and when we met with the banquet coordinator, she was more then helpful. She treated not only us, but also our relationship with respect.

The next company that I was slightly shocked at is President’s Tuxedo. We have now been in there more than 5 times picking out styles, changing colors and such. When we went in there the first time they were very welcoming. They also treated our relationship with the upmost respect. The moment that really sticks out is the second time Darren and I went into their store. There was a male associate working and we had a few questions regarding different styles and options for Darren and I. Not only was he willing to help, he was extremely helpful in offering different ideas on how we could style each of our tuxes. He showed us many different options and really took the time and worked with us until Darren and I were satisfied.

Macy’s is the next company that I want to mention. Darren and I went there to begin a registry (I know it’s early, but this is the fun part!). Darren and I sat in the registry office with a wonderful sales associate who took all our information. We did not received any judgement when we mentioned that we were the ones getting married. They, also, were extremely helpful. They adjusted some of their options because we are a same sex couple, which I thought was extremely considerate.

The final, and probably best experience is when Darren and I went to Bella Rose Bridal Shoppe in Shelby Township, MI. Darren and I took 2 of our bridesmaids to try on dresses. I think the 4 of us went though 25 different dresses and not only were they helpful, we had the most amazing time (that included champaign)! This particular part is important to mention because earlier my best friend and I went to David’s Bridal and had the worst experience. When her and I walked in, we had 4 sales associates swarm us. When they asked her and I when we were getting married, I politely told them that she was my bridesmaid and I was getting married to my boyfriend. I then got a look of disgust and not 1 sales associate helped me from that point on. We could have walked out with 6 dresses and no one would have paid attention to us.

I understand the argument can be made that these companies just want our money. This  could be true, but I could tell that it was more then that. In an age where customer service is “not what it used to be”, it is easy to tell when a person genuinely cares. Every person we talked to at each of the companies mentioned above, truly respected us not only as customers but humans, and didn’t think of us as just the money we were spending.

In our society right now where the fight for equality is more intense then ever before, people are not ashamed to show their feeling towards the topic, either way they may feel. I have received much support for my engagement from the people I know as well as the opposite.

I am excited to see that many companies such as Macy’s is supportive of LGBT Americans and our rights. We are certainly living at a critical time in terms of LGBT rights. We are at a turning point in history and I am excited to not only be a part of the change, but to witness it first hand.

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