Racist Signs and T Shirts Seen At Romney/Ryan Ohio Rally – “Put the White back in the White House.”


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are hitting Ohio hard this weekend with a rally yesterday in Lancaster, a rural and bedroom community of Columbus, Ohio and other Ohio rallies in Portsmouth and Lebanon this weekend.

Yesterday Romney also claimed that Ryan showed up Vice President Joe Biden in their televised  debate. “There was one person on the stage with thoughtfulness, who was respectful,  who was steady and poised. There was one person onstage that you’d want to be  with in a crisis, and it’s this man right here,” Mr. Romney said of his running  mate.

Its too bad that the almost all white crowd was not as respectful and poised.  Many carried anti-Obama placards and some donned blatantly racist tee shirts like the one below.

Continuing the outspoken GOP racist meme in Ohio GOP Secretary of State Jon Husted announced earlier this month that early-voting sites across the state would only be open on weekdays, which many felt the restriction would unfairly impact “working people.  Husted’s reply:  “I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban – read African-American – voter-turnout machine,” he told the The Ohio Dispatch in an email.

Welcome to OHIO!

1 thought on “Racist Signs and T Shirts Seen At Romney/Ryan Ohio Rally – “Put the White back in the White House.”

  1. Obama has done well for America. The economic crisis was caused by the senseless war on terror. Obama only came to fix the mess created by George Bush and the Republicans. Then he procured peace for the US by killing Osama bin Laden without spending a dime of American money – but by a simple application of wisdom. Is that man not fit to rule the nation? Think… God is watching from above.

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