Kansas Dem Rep. Jan Pauls Opposes ‘Superior Rights’ For Gays – Kansas Dem Party Endorses Her

Kansas House “Democrat” Rep. Jan Pauls has served the 102ndHouse District, which includes central Hutchinson for more than two decades.  And in those 20 years again and again cast her lot against the LGBT community and even drafted the Kansas constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions in that state.

Pauls who’s always run unopposed at election time — until now. has suddenly begun claiming that she fears for he life because of bigoted voting record.

“I have friends who have told me they worry that I’ll be another Gabby Giffords, literally”  Pauls said in an interview with the Kansas City Star.

Pauls  is also notorious for keeping the law against sodomy on the books, despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that renders all such statues moot.  The house-cleaning measure to excise several outdated or inconsistent statutes from the books, she explains, “had too many other controversial items in it.” Pauls said about her vote against removing it from the books.

But Pauls isn’t bothered by how her anti-gay stance grinds against her own party’s platforms.

“The Democratic national platforms have never been that important in local or state politics. We’re a little different here.”

“Homosexuals don’t love,” her husband Ron said. “Homosexuals are all about the sex. How would you feel, he asks, if your daughter’s male gym teacher wanted to go into the locker room as the girls were undressing? What about a female gym teacher? “What if that female gym teacher was a homosexual? She’d want those girls.  People are afraid there won’t be freedom of speech anymore. Pretty soon you won’t be able to quote Bible verses from the pulpit if they’re against homosexuality.”

Pauls herself goes on to say  “I think most Kansans’ concerns are not that the homosexuals want equal rights but superior rights. That’s what makes this issue so difficult,” she says.

The Kansas Democratic Party said it is supporting Pauls, as it does all party nominees.

So much for the Democratic National Committee’s  Pro-LGBT Platform

Please feel free to contact Rep Jan Pauls at Phone: 620-663-8961 Email: janpauls@sbcglobal.net in Hutchinson or Phone: 785-296-7657 Email: janice.pauls@house.ks.gov in Topeka KS.

And also feel free to contact The Kansas Democratic Party Headquaters by phone at (785) 234-0425 or by filling out the following form.


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3 thoughts on “Kansas Dem Rep. Jan Pauls Opposes ‘Superior Rights’ For Gays – Kansas Dem Party Endorses Her

  1. Superior rights. Does she mean the right to raise children with love, the right to visit our significant other, husband or wife (depending in which state you live) when they are in the hospital, the right to a secure home and the benefits of family in our society? And, ultimately, what about the rights of being true to ourselves, living in a nation where another person’s beliefs cannot trump the right to equality? As for her husband, I wonder if he understands the word love.

  2. Her husband really needs to grow up. Just because he would lust after every one in a locker room doesn’t mean we (homosexuals) would. He is the pervert you should be afraid of.

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