Ellen DeGeneres Donates 20K Scholarship To A Rejected Gay Boy Scout

Ellen DeGeneres continues to prove what an outstanding LGBT activist she continues to be by reaching out and supporting a member discriminated against because of their sexuality. This past Thursday, Ryan Andresen, a member of the Boy Scouts Of America received a 20000 scholarship from the daytime talkshow host and comedian after he was denied an Eagle Scout Badge after he announced that he is gay.

Andresen had completed all of the necessary requirements for the badge but the organization said that his sexuality prevented him receiving the badge. Andresen’s mother, Karen, has begun a petition asking the scouts to change their anti-gay policies and has already received nearly half a million signatures. Andresen goes on to discuss how discrimination is wrong:

“I hope people understand that discrimination is not OK. The Boy Scouts is an organization that is very unique, it has a lot of opportunities that nothing else will ever grant you in your whole entire life. I am so blessed that I got to go through it and I don’t think it is fair that not everyone gets the opportunity to go through it”

Hopefully one fay the Scouts will realize that their anti-gay policies are more detrimental than they realize. Also, stay classy Ellen.

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