Back2Stonewall Presents Advocates We Love: Colin Farrell

It’s always nice to take a moment and recognize those that advocate for equal rights (it’s even better when we can do this while looking at pretty pictures of them) The point is that we should celebrate these fantastic specimens of the human condition each and everyday.

Case in point, Colin Farrell. This beautiful Irishman is an accomplished actor and even though he has what is perceived by some as a sketchy “bad boy” past, Farrell does show off his golden heart more than what most give him credit for. In 2009, Farrell showed up for his brother, who is gay, to support him and marriage equality. Colin even served as best man for the wedding held in Vancouver Canada, as at the time same sex marriage wasn’t legal.

See this is the great thing about Colin, is that rather than give formal statements of support (which statements of any kind are greatly needed and deeply appreciated), it’s by actions that he shows support for equality. This is the kind of support that needs to be shown. When someone of influence and stature just doesn’t care what others may think and supports their family no matter what, with love. To me that’s what makes him an advocate.


And he’s so hot it’s maddening.

(guys, if he ever dyes his hair read, I will LOSE it OMG)

What do you think?

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