Anne Hathaway Donates Proceeds From Wedding Photos For Marriage Equality

In she continues to be an awesome human being news, The Princess Diaries and The Dark Knight Rises star Anne Hathaway, a longtime advocate of LGBT rights, is going a step further to ensure equality in our country. The actress Hathaway married boyfriend  Adam Shulman last month in a beautiful ceremony. Hathaway wants to help LGBT have the same opportunity by donating proceeds from the photos of her wedding dress to Freedom To Marry (and other non profit organizations). this is an effort to ensure the four states voting for marriage equality. But Hathaway hasn’t stopped there.

Along with husband Shulman, Hathaway has also shown support for marriage equality by being honorary host to the  National Engagement Party, an organization of Freedom To Marry that has raised $500,000 to help see that the four states voting on same sex marriage see a victory in November.

In 2008 Hathaway gave an enthusiastic acceptance speech when she was recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Ally Award proving that she is a lifetime ally:

“I don’t consider myself just an ally to the LGBT community, I consider myself your family. And so, I’m doing what we should all do with our families – I’m loving you, I support you, I completely accept you as you are, as I hope you do me, and if anyone ever tries to hurt you, I’m going to give them hell.”

What ab exemplary human being. Thanks for the support Anne. And congratulations on the nuptials!

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