Man Confesses To Burning Down Ohio LGBT Church, Police Say Its NOT A Hate Crime Just “Revenge”

Earlier this month reported on a horrible act of arson that destroyed the historic landmark and LGBT inclusive South  Bloomington Christian Church, in Bloomington, OH

Now the man responsible for the arson attack Donald Lee Williams, has come forward and confessed,  but according to the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office the act of arson was not a hate crime at all but “retaliation”

“Our suspect, Mr. Williams, admitted to the arson,” said Hocking County Sheriff  Lanny North. “He did not implicate anyone else other than himself.” North went on to say that Williams claimed he started the fire as payback for being  assaulted by someone connected with the church last summer: “I believe it brings  some closure to the area that wasn’t, per se, a hate crime, as the bishop  portrayed it to be,” said North. “It was more a revenge crime for what the  suspect had endured in 2011.”

What exactly the suspect endured the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office but I find it hard to believe that this is a crime of “revenge” especially since the suspect waited over a year and then torched the entire church over one individual.

One mentally disturbed gay man shoots one bullet in FRC’s office, and he’s a domestic terrorist.  But  this guy torches to the ground an LGBT church and he’s just disgruntled loner getting revenge.

What utter bullshit.

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