One Million Moms Boycott Miscarries – NBC’s The New Normal Debuts To Over 7 Million Viewers

The anti-gay conservative group One Million Moms which who in reality is nothing more than umbrella group of the Southern Law Poverty Center sanctioned hate group the American Family Association, latest boycotts has gone down in flames.

The New Normal, the NBC sitcom about a gay couple Bryan Collins & David Murray (Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha) and single mother Goldie (Georgia King) who dreams of being a lawyer and who after running away to L.A with her daughter and followed by her uber-conservative “Nana” (played  by the marvelous Ellen Barkin) agrees to become Bryan and David’s baby surrogate has been lambasted by the One Million Moms and other conservative and anti-gay hate groups who very vocally called for nationwide boycott against the show.

But I’m glad to say that despite all their bitching, moaning, and gnashing of teeth The New Normal debuted with a very solid 2.5 share which equals over 7 million viewers, beating its competition on ABC by almost a full share point despite the fact that the pilot was already shown once during the Olympics and has been available to view online for several weeks.

Congratulations NBC and The New Normal looks like you might have delivered a hit!

As for the One Million Moms.  “EAT THE COOKIE MOTHERS!” –  (10 Gay Points if you name the Book or Movie that line is from)

What do you think?

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