Gorgeous John Barrowman Talks About Being Openly Gay In Hollywood


Torchwood and Doctor Who star John Barrowman discusses his life as a gay man in Hollywood in September’s Desert OutLook Magazine. John first goes into detail how he wishes roles for gay characters weren’t so stereotyped:

America has the most gay men represented on television than any country in the world.  The only thing I wish they would do more often is not stereotype those gay men and women. It’s always the same type they choose. Rather than seeing camp, flouncy, girly men and butch heavy women, it would be nice to see other types. There are “lipstick lesbians,” pretty girls. There are butch guys, guys who are into sports.

Looking back, John has always known that he’s gay. And even though a very “influential” person in  Hollywood told him he should hide or diminish his sexual orientation publicly, he refused to go into the closet for the sake of movie roles:

I wanted to prove that I was born this way. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide I’m going to have coffee, I’m going to have eggs and bacon, and ooh I’m gay. I will challenge anybody, no matter what organization you belong to or how high up you are, I will defend that we are born this way. 

John boldly states that the outlook on LGBT characters and actors will change once those in the closet come out and realize that there are more gays and lesbians in Hollywood than what is widely believed:

the only way things can change is more people are out, and then people would realize that 80 percent of people in Hollywood are gay and lesbian.

I really appreciate his honesty and it’s nice to see nore actors speak out about it.

What do you think?

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