Gay Bashing Attack Mars Austin, TX’s LGBT Pride Celebration Weekend

While Austin, TX is showing its pride for the gay, lesbian and transgender communities this weekend  two men were attacked in downtown as they walked toward Fourth Street and innocently stopped for a slice of pizza.

Friday night, Nick Soret and a friend from Houston were headed to 4th Street to go out, when they stopped for a slice of pizza at Ropollo’s food truck near Fourth and Colorado.

Some guy next to me tells me ‘what are you looking at?’ and I’m like, ‘I’m not looking at you,'” said Soret.  “My order was ready, I picked up my slice of pizza, he knocked it over onto me. It burned my arm. And then my friend tells him what are you doing?.  And then this guy just hauled off and punched him right in the face. And blood started coming out of his mouth, it was gushing everywhere.”

Soret says the man then attacked him, busting his lip and bruising his arms before taking off. Soret says he believes the man attacked them because he and his friend are gay.

“He thought I was checking him out so for that, he knocked all my friend’s teeth out, he punched me in the face,” Soret said.

After spending nearly 12 hours in the hospital, Soret’s friend learned he has a fractured jaw and will likely have to undergo oral surgery.

The attacker fled the scene and is still at large

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2 thoughts on “Gay Bashing Attack Mars Austin, TX’s LGBT Pride Celebration Weekend

  1. Oh jeez Will. Stuff like this just turns my stomach and frustrated at the same time. It’s like, when will it ever end?

    1. Well buddy unfortunately probably not. But it will lessen greatly when we finally have full Equality. The longer this battle drags out, the more bile the right spills out and the more attention it gets in the news the more bigots feel cornered and will act out and lash out. When its all over and done. And they have officially lost and they become resigned to that fact much of it wil be over. There will always be bigots nd there will always be a few who lash out. But once its done IMO at least i will lessen greatly. the fight for LGBT equality has dragged on too long. And the longer it does the more fuel is thrown on the fire.

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