The Most Opportunistic Use Of The Chick-fil-A Mess By A LGBT Organization Award Goes To….. GLAAD!

Seizing the chicken and choking it by the neck GLAAD has launched a fundraising drive by capitalizing on this whole Chick-fil-A mess where they are asking for donations in the amounts multiples of $6.50, a price of a Chick-Fil-A meal.

Interesting. has been at the forefront of the Chick-Fil-A mess covering the story and actually exposing it back in 2010 when we posted an article titled: Fast Food Giant Chick-fil-A Sponsors and Supports Anti-Gay Hate Groups – EAT MORE BEEF! and we have haven’t gotten one donation from our two years of hard work exposing this company (and very little to no recognition for that matter) and we need the money even more to continue on doing what we do from down here in the trenches to cover LGBT related events and stories

Needless to say I’m a bit pissed off.

GLAAD receives about 10 million dollars+ a year in donations and funding and has a 7.5 million dollar operating budget.  They throw awards and banquets and even throw parties at host lounges at The Sundance Film Festival.

We on the other hand get NO funding from any LGBT organizations or groups,  rarely get even a small donation and miss many important LGBT conferences, events, and stories because we can’t afford to cover them and have to beg to get to the few that are able to.

SCREW GLAAD!  Donate to us!  And really make a difference!

(There I said it and I’m GLAD I did. The DONATE button is located in the right sidebar)

What do you think?

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