New Jersey Bakery Offers Equality Cupcakes in Lieu of Dry Tasteless Chicken

As I’m sure most of you want a story that’s not about hate filled hypocritical tasteless chicken, I come bearing sweets for my sweets. In Rutherford,  New Jersey’s Sweet Avenue Bake Shop is customizing confectionery delight with a side of equality. The vegan bakery is offering a “Rainbow Pride” cupcake to show customers that all are welcome.  The inspiration for these delicious rainbow inspired delicacies are a response to the not too bright  Mike Huckabee and the president of an anti gay bigotry poultry company. You know the one that has complete conservatives with myopic thinking that celebrating today as a day of hate disguised as “appreciation“?

Proprietor of this vegan bakery, Jake Vance along with his equally socially conscious wife, Danielle, told the Huffington Post “we figured it would be a good time to make a statement of our own, so this is our way to counteract all the negativity going around” Always nice to see  businesses be fair and offer their goods and services for everyone. Lately, there’s been more discussion on whether business should make political statements and I for one am all for it. I don.t want to support a company that supports hate in any way.  And I do believe it is a reflection on one’s beliefs.

This is also a response to the shop in recent news that refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.  Vance’s response was “to not make a wedding cake for a couple…you’re not really standing up for anything, you’re just punishing the couple for no reason”.  I hope to see more companies need to make a stand  like this and it is vita; for us as a community to support companies and business that are for equal rights.  It may sound odd, but the more businesses that realize the money they can earn from  the gay community. the more it furthers thee cause.

We all need uplifting  little stories like these that not only promote equality, but a ray of hope for humanity as well. It helps us regain focus and perspective to see allies for the LGBTQ community speaking out and doing what’s right so go visit their fun site and be inspired.

What do you think?

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