Gaymers Unite! Gaymer Con coming Next August!

To all the gay geek extraordinaire out there make sure you mark your calendars next August as organizers have something great in mind for you. Next year  twill be hosing a convention that  will be the “the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBT geek culture.”

GaymerCon Kickstarter that invites diversity for the LGBT community to express our ideals freely. Director of the GaynerCon Kixkstarter Jack DeVriesGamers come in all sizes, genders, races and sexual identities.”We want to show the world that we are here. We want people to be able to open up and be themselves and have that be OK.”

The organizers wanted to create an environment in which LGBT would feel safe to explore their love of all thing gaming without the bullying and name calling commonly found in other gaming conventions. The project needed at least 25000  start up captiol and  have already succedded that after four days with the current tally being over 39000.

The response has been mostly accepting but there are a few that fear that this GaymerCOn could create division amongst the gaming community. What these critics fail to realize is that this division they’re trying to avoid already exists.

A not too bright commented on the upcoming GaymerCon on VentureBeat said, “Why do gay people need their own gaming convention?? Are normal gaming conventions not good enough? … Do we need hetero and polygamy gamecons now? How bout for swingers? … My point is why do we need extra specialized gaming conventions for a particular subgroup,” This dimwit fails to realize that there are a. already a plethora of gaming conventions that glorify heterosexuality and condemn LGBT.

Who the hell wants to be harassed when all they weant to do is have a good time? This isn’t about exclusion, it’s about recognizing a group of people that are constantly shunned have support. And EVERYONE is welcome.

The destination pf the convention will depend on the most convenient place for those attending and will be set some time after the fundraiser. If you’d like to further expand this project you can donate here.

What do you think?

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