DNC Adds Same Sex Marriage To Party Platform, ENDA Mentioned, and The Dream Act Ignored

The  DNC  platform group met in Detroit yesterday to finalize the 2012 party platform that will  be formally endorsed  next month at the Democratic National Convention.

120 party leaders from across the country Democrats created a platform that, the platform doesn’t unfortunately endorse The  DREAM Act or ENDA but does call for the end of DOMA, for  marriage equality, and for the word “family,” when it appears in immigration  reform, to refer to all kinds of families.

From the Washington Blade:

Language  on marriage equality — which is being included in the Democratic Party platform  for the first time — was accepted without amendment and without significant  discussion.

Among the committee members who delivered remarks was Scott Dibble, a gay  state senator from Minnesota, who said he’s “extremely pleased” with the  marriage equality plank, saying the language “should be taken as an affirmation  on something that we all value and cherish, and that is what marriage means and  that marriage really matters.”

It would be nice if the Democratic Party would actually grow some balls and stand up totally for “Equality for ALL”. 

In my mind ENDA  (The Employment Non-Discrimination Act) which would protect EVERY LGBT CITIZEN  with employment and  fair housing protections and which also aid against discrimination  is MUCH MORE issue than same-sex marriage.

But I guess there are more rich homo’s and groups lobbying the DNC who want to get married than want to make sure their entire community is protected and has basic human and civil rights.

With same-sex marriage is most likely to be decided by the courts.  This DNC plank is made out of nothing more than balsa wood.

Same sex marriage is NOT the do all and end all to LGBT equality.



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