Go Cruising With Kirk Cameron! – BYOC (Bring Your Own Condoms)

No, not in Griffith Park silly….

Combine the best of the Monumental Tour with the didactic hands-on educational and grassroots training component of our 7 day luxury cruise!  Start by retracing the steps of our forefathers with Kirk Cameron, Dr. Marshall Foster, and Dr. Gary DeMar as we visit the historical sites, monuments, and locations of the Pilgrims as explored in the ground-breaking film, Monumental. Every step of the journey will be filled with in-depth teaching, soul-stirring narratives, and unforgettable experiences!  Then, Join Kirk Cameron, Marshall Foster, and Gary DeMar for 7 days of intense historical and practical teaching on the Monumental Cruise as we sail the fall-tinged waters of Canada and New England. The Monumental Cruise will offer 18 total hours of in-depth teaching and workshops for Patriotic individuals as we train and equip the next generation of liberty minded Americans. Your price includes all meals, teaching sessions, and conference materials from our teaching team.

And all this excitement can be yours for as low as $5.250.00! (Double Occupancy/Inside Stateroom, Port taxes, Insurance and Tips not included.)

And of course the Day 2 stop is in Provincetown, MA.  A little treat for Kirky

But Griffin Park would be a helluva lot cheaper.

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