Zachary Quinto Using Twitter to Promote Advocacy

Zachary Quinto

In the How More Perfect Can He Possibly Be Entertainment News, Heroes and StarTrek star Zachary Quinto, who last year quietly and discreetly came out, has in recent days been using social media to spark advocacy and encourage voters specifically LGBTQ to make sure our voices are heard this November in the upcoming presidential election.

He passionately stated on twitter today that “if you are LGBT or love someone who is this election will define the future. it is our job to stand up against organized discrimination.”  Quinto went on to say “romney intends to be the first president in history to actually draft legislation denying civil rights to americans. this CANNOT stand!” Admittedly, I imagined Quinto reciting the famous lines from Gandalf which makes him even more geekchic, and hot as hell.

This is activism at it’s most savvy and resourceful as Social Media like facebook and twitter were definitely a determinant in the huge Democratic Party win in 2008. And two days ago, Zach has been more assertive asking moose enthusiast Sarah Palin after she showed her support for those cluckers Chick-Fil-A “are you kidding me with those sunglasses in a chick-fil-a picture?! i can’t believe you still take yourself seriously”

Quinto in his spare time has been volunteering to help  for the re-election of President Obama by helping campaigning efforts in Orlando, Fl. He’s also taken a more active role in calling his fans to stand up for equal right by telling a weary fan to “TURN YOUR FEAR INTO ACTION”. Do you see why I swoon for this man so much?!?! To see these gems of wisdom from the geek Adonis and more follow him on twitter at @ZacharyQuinto.

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