Weekend LGBT News Round-Up: Tennessee GOP, The Phelps Klan, One Million Shrews, Snark and MORE!

Theres been a lot of LGBT news this week we here at Back2Stonewall.com didn’t get a chance to cover this week because of all Chick-fil-A and the Boy Scouts of America news.  Not to mention the horrible tragedy in Aurora, CO.  So here’s a quick update (and some snark) of some of the stories that we missed. 

Tennessee GOP Condemns Governor For Not Firing ‘Open Homosexuals’. Tea Party GOP claims they are easy to find.  They have all their teeth and no John Deere items.

* The sixth Edition of the NEW Contemporary Chinese Dictionary leaves out a definition of “Gay”.  But they put in TOFU.  Go figure?

*  Inbred Kansas Phelps Klan of The Westboro Baptist Church to picket Aurora shooting Memorial Service  Evil is, as evil does.

Major League Soccer cuts ties and promotional nights for the Boy Scouts of America over gay discrimination. GOAL!

*  Matthew McConaughey to lose 30 pounds to play homophobic cowboy who contracts AIDS – I’m speechless.

*  ‘One Million’ Shrews Moms now goes after NBC comedy ‘The New Normal’…  Time to start a group called One Million Mo’s and read those bitches to filth.

*  Queers Dominate The Emmy Nominations!…  As well we should!

Michele Bachmann boytoy Minnesota hate preacher Bradlee Dean states that “Gays Are Responsible ‘For All The Bad Things’… We are NOT  taking responsibility for your track suit wardrobe or hair you ugly fuck.  UGH!

For even MORE of this past weeks LGBT News check out The Gay Report.  (But come back here, okay?)

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