Thomson Reuters (Reuters News) Comes Out in Opposition to MN Marriage Amendment – Supports Same Sex Marriage

Here are the details and statement from the company:

As part of our Trust Principles, Thomson Reuters does not advocate political or religious positions, and we recognize and respect that people have differing viewpoints on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment.

Our perspective on the Amendment is an affirmation of what we believe as a business and is consistent with our Trust Principles and our values. Thomson Reuters is a better place when we have a rich variety of perspectives, talents, backgrounds, lifestyles and experiences in our workplace – diversity that we have created and foster on our Eagan campus and across our global business – and we believe diversity is critically important within the broader community from which we recruit. If adopted, we believe the Minnesota Marriage Amendment would limit our ability to recruit and retain top talent, a critical factor in our ability to serve our customers and be successful. For this reason, we do not believe that the Minnesota Marriage Amendment, if passed, would be good for Thomson Reuters or the business community in the state.

Our perspective also reflects the policies and programs we have long supported around diversity and fostering a diverse workforce, our support and statements around gay rights and anti-bullying, and our corporate policies around health benefits for same-sex couples.

As a company, we believe in supporting an environment that is good for the business, our people and communities. Thomson Reuters is committed to a workplace that is diverse and provides equal opportunities for everyone, and strongly believes in the rights of individuals to express themselves and to be themselves.

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