San Diego PRIDE! – Crowd BOOS HomoCON Mayoral Candidate Carl DeMaio aka “Dirty DeMaio” – Video

Gay Republican (oxyMORON) City Councilman Carl DeMaio who is running for Mayor of San Diego received a hostile reception from the crowd as he traveled the San Diego Pride parades route With many of the crowd booing and some turning their backs on DeMaio as part of an organized protest.

DiMaio who is nicknamed “Dirty DeMaio” has voted in the past against death benefits for widows and orphans of fallen police officers, supported the  out-sourcing  San Diego jobs.

But worst of all DeMaio has accepted numerous contributions from ‘Yes on 8’ donors and other anti-gay special interests and has made promises anti-gay individuals such as Charles Limandri, former council for anti-gay organization ‘National Organization for Marriage’, who stated in an email that “Carl DeMaio specifically promised me, as a condition of my support, that he would not push the gay agenda issues”

What do you think?

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