NOM’s Brian Brown Moves From Race Baiting To Class Warfare: Gay Billionaires Are Behind Same Sex Marriage

First the National Organization for Marriage used “race-baiting” to try to drive a wedge between the gay and black community.

Then when they were discovered, they played the “victim card”.

And now that they are finally realizing their eventual lose is near and the demise of the cash cow that has paid them so well is almost over. In desperation they are starting to play the “Class Warfare” card.

In a recent email BEG  blast from Brian Brownshirt   titled: “If You Only Open One Email From Me This Month…Make It This One”:

Dear Marriage Supporter,
The cultural elite and gay marriage billionaires are sitting fat and happy. Regrettably, they’ve got a lot to be happy about. In fact, from their perspective, gay marriage has never been closer to becoming the law of the land than it is today.
You see, San Francisco’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just refused to re-hear the decision striking down California’s Proposition 8, the state’s ballot initiative that protected traditional marriage; thus, the courts have attempted to silence the faithful voices of millions who gave their time and treasure to defend marriage through the democratic process.
And with Barack Obama now throwing the full support of the White House and the federal government behind re-defining marriage for everyone, the historic understanding of one man and one woman is headed for the scrap heap if we don’t take immediate action.
But don’t take my word for it. As Chad Griffin, the new President of the largest and wealthiest radical homosexual lobby in Washington bragged recently: “The end is now in sight” – the end of traditional marriage that is.
The same-sex “marriage” lobby knows it cannot persuade the American people simply to discard marriage at the ballot box like an outdated institution. In fact, every time the issue is put to a democratic vote, Americans overwhelmingly reject gay marriage, in states across the nation – from California to Maine. That’s why the homosexual lobby is working through activist judges who can impose radical legislation from the bench, and ambitious politicians who are all too willing to take the gay lobby’s money as payment for working to redefine marriage.
Barack Obama, arrogant San Francisco judges, and wealthy homosexual activists cannot be allowed to make gay marriage the law of the land by force. The historic understanding of marriage pre-dates the heavy hand of government. Only the American people should decide this issue. It’s time to rally together and hold the line for marriage by defending our most cherished values with real action.
Only you and I stand in the way of the elite fat cats and the gay marriage billionaires. Let’s send a clear message to them and to Barack Obama, San Francisco’s unelected judges, and Washington’s homosexual activists who are now on the verge of re-defining marriage for everyone. Only the American people should decide the fate of marriage. I’m counting on your immediate contribution as the survival of traditional marriage is on the line.
Brian Brown
President, National Organization for Marriage
P.S. San Francisco’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to re-hear the decision that struck down Proposition 8 – so the definition of marriage is heading to the Supreme Court. The very survival of traditional marriage is at stake as Barack Obama, arrogant judges, and wealthy homosexual activists are perilously close to re-defining marriage for everyone.  (BEGS FOR MONEY)

In less than 700 words Brian Brownshirt begs for donations (3 times) mentions Barack Obama’s name (twice),  sounds the alarm about “gay marriage billionaires” (twice), “wealthy homosexual activists” (twice), and goes onto mention  “elite fat cats,” and the “gay lobby’s money.”

Considering  the FACT that The National Organization for Marriage’s 2010 income disclosures from the Internal  Revenue Service reveal  that just two people contributed more than $6 million (two-thirds of NOM’s 2010  revenue) to the organization’s political arm and that 92 percent of NOM’s 2010  money came from just 22 donations of $5000 or more. Not to mention the countless funds primarily from Catholic and Mormon sources that are secretly funneled to NOM.  It really takes a big cojones or a desperate man Brian Brown and  an organization like NOM to start crying “Class Warfare” after being exposed for what they are.

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