National Organization For Marriage Uses Fraudulent Picture To Prove “Eat At Chick-fil-A Day” Success

Tha National Organization for Marriage is touting the success of its “Eat At Chick-fil-A Day” on its NOM Blog by using the photo above of the Washington D.C. Chick-fil-A food truck

But if you look closely at the picture.  The long line of customers are going to the grey truck in front of the red Chick-fil-A truck.  And there is only one person who looks to be at the Chick-fil-a truck window.

C’mon NOM you have to try harder than that.


H/T to Jeremy Hooper at Good As You

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4 thoughts on “National Organization For Marriage Uses Fraudulent Picture To Prove “Eat At Chick-fil-A Day” Success

  1. If they consider that a proof of success, even if they were at the chicken truck, then it is just as pathetic as they are. Chick-fil-A will not come out of this well. This whole mess is breaking my roommates heart. He loves their food. I think I have convinced him not to go anymore. If he does I may raise his rent and donate the new amount each month to some appropriate gay group. LOL

    1. People! You do NOT have to miss Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches! Make them yourselves! I tried this on my family twice and they could not tell the difference. Buy a bag of frozen waffle fries, fry up the sandwiches , deep fry or oven bake the fries and Voila!: 3 meals for the price of one!

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