HomoCON Group Log Cabin Republicans Praises Romney’s NAACP Speech For Its “Inclusiveness”

With his opening remarks to the NAACP today, Governor Romney sent a message that he recognizes the importance of an inclusive Republican vision for victory in November. He deserves credit for taking the step to include sexual orientation by name. That said, it is unfortunate that he countered his outreach to gay and lesbian Americans with a gratuitous attack on the freedom to marry. If Governor Romney truly desires to represent all Americans, Log Cabin Republicans encourages him to avoid divisive social issues and focus on jobs and the economy.” – Log Cabin Republicans head R. Clarke Cooper.

With  GOProud’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney and the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest “gay Republican group” looking poised to also sell out the LGBT community (once again) by endorsing Romney who would be devastating to the fight for LGBT equality and who has unequivocally and repeatedly stated his opposition to almost every form of LGBT equality we seek  its time to call these two group into accountability.

What is the point of a “gay political group” like Log Cabin Republicans even existing if LGBT issues are LAST on their list? When you’re specifically identifying yourselves as representing LGBT interests, shouldn’t those interests be at the forefront of your work?

For them to release a statement that states that Romney should  “avoid divisive social issues and focus on jobs and the economy.” proves that they can more about their wallets than their community and they are simply pinkwashing the bigotry of the GOP for partisan gain

The vast majority of LGBT voters aren’t single-issue voters, but we also aren’t self-loathing enough support candidates or a party that is actively trying to harm us like GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans are.  .

Romney is against ENDA, has signed NOM’s same-sex marriage pledge and supports DOMA.  But yet these two groups of greedy self loathing elitist queers support him.

It is well past time that every LGBT blogger, journalist, and individual call them out and hold them accountable for their statements, actions, and the harms way that they are trying to put us in while they masquerade that its for the good of the LGBT community but in reality its for the good of thier bank accounts.

Both the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud are nothing more than greedy, self-serving traitors to the LGBT community and they should be recognized and treated as such by everyone.

End of rant.

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