Family Research Council Bitchslaps Eric Cantor Over “Tolerance” On LGBT Rights Issues Remarks

House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor fearing a loss to the GOP party of newly senior baby boomers, young voters and minorities made an election year call (in other words bullshit) for his party to show more tolerance regarding LGBT issues.

Said Cantor:

I think an even bigger issue than that, from a cultural standpoint, is the acceptance of diversity. And the acceptance of diversity of opinion,” Cantor said, explaining that while he may have is own personal opinions on morality or religion, “at some point we’re all here as Americans and we all have to be appreciative of other people’s views.” “And it’s that tolerance, I think that that tolerance is something that enables people to be passionate about their positions. And if you’re for gay marriage, this country allows you to express your views. Some states support it and allow it, and others don’t. But its ok to have that difference of opinion in that,” he said.

Even though Cantor’s statement was a nothing more than a transparent self-serving GOP political move,  in a matter of HOURS Tony Perkin’s Family Research Council came out swinging at Cantor stating his his call for tolerance “misguided and harmful.”

This misguided tolerance leads both political parties to embrace H.R. 6019, legislation introduced by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (R-Texas) (ironically one of the biggest bullies in Congress) that seeks to continue a slush fund at the Justice Department by federalizing “bullying.” This bill would very likely fund the Dan Savages of the world to go after the Dan Cathy’s of the world. That isn’t tolerance – that is taxpayer-funded culturcide. It is Rep. Cantor remarks on his own party though that seems to indicate it is the wrong kind of tolerance he is supporting. A party needs to stand for something or it stands for nothing. Is Rep. Cantor saying that if a Member of Congress was an avowed socialist they would embrace them? One would hope not. Party platforms need to mean something and should be guidelines for anyone wishing to join or work for that party. If your ideas and stances are good ones and you are consistent in your beliefs people will embrace you – otherwise your majority will go away even quicker then the last one did. – Tom McClusky, Family Research Council.

Well. I do hate to nitpick, BUT…… 

There actually IS already a Socialist in Congress.  Bernie Sanders, perhaps you’ve heard of him.  And also there no such word as “culturcide”. 

OH PLEASE CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, EVEN FAUX I BEG YOU! Just let me have 5 mins in a debate Tom McClusky.

I promise I’ll even mop up my mess afterwards.



One thought on “Family Research Council Bitchslaps Eric Cantor Over “Tolerance” On LGBT Rights Issues Remarks

  1. I would LOVE to hear you debate Will so how do we make this happen?

    And this Family Research Council needs to be questioned on ethical morality for their flat out lies while calling it research.

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