Anti-Gay Muslim Group To Hold Huge Demonstration At Derby UK Pride

Muslim fundamentalists in England are planning “the biggest ever anti-gay protest” for Derbyshire’s upcoming Pride Parade this weekend.

The Derby Muslim Action Force said earlier this week: “The heat always seems to bring out the worst of this society and this summer is no different with the upcoming Gay Pride march …  As Muslims it is our duty to forbid this major, deplorable evil of society.”.

Earlier this year, three Muslims were convicted of distributing leaflets intended to stir up hatred against gays in Derby before the gay pride parade of 2010.

The three men had handed out a publication entitled ‘The Death Penalty?’ The’ leaflet contained an image of a mannequin hanging from a noose and quoted Islamic texts suggesting execution was the way to rid society of homosexuality.

Truly disturbing

Just imagine the moral outrage if the roles were reversed and same was done to the Muslim’s in the UK.

Source: Pink News

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