AFA Accuses Lady Gaga And Office Depot of Pushing “The Homosexual Agenda” On Children

The hateful religious extremist at the American Family Association are at it again.

This time the AFA is accusing Lady Gaga of “pushing the homosexual agenda on children” and vowing to boycott Office Depot for partnering with Gaga’s “Born This Way Foundation”.

Office Depot is guaranteeing $1 million to help indoctrinate your children that they are born “gay.”

This week, Office Depot announced it is teaming up with recording artist Lady Gaga to push the homosexual agenda in public schools by encouraging our children to believe “gay” people are “Born This Way.”

To help spread the message, Office Depot and Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation have created several special, limited-edition products for back-to-school this year. Office Depot is donating 25% of the sale of each item back to the promotion of homosexuality, with a guaranteed payout of $1 million.

The truth is, there is zero credible evidence that people are born “gay.” Homosexuality is a poor and dangerous choice, and has been proven to lead to a litany of health hazards to not only the individuals but also society as a whole.

Office Depot is attempting to attract children to it by the deceiving title “Empowering Youth”. That is horribly irresponsible and will ultimately lead children to a higher chance of becoming victims to alcohol and drug abuse, depression and even suicide.

The AFA, an officially designated hate group alongside the KKK and Stormfront by the Southern Law Poverty Center has created a “stop or we’ll boycott you!”  letter for its members to send to Office Depot.

YOU (And by that I mean all of you PLEASE take 1 minute to do this)  can write to Home Depot to express your appreciation for their support of LGBT kids and the Lady’s Foundation  by sending  an email to their chief marketing officer:

3 thoughts on “AFA Accuses Lady Gaga And Office Depot of Pushing “The Homosexual Agenda” On Children

  1. Seriously, I would say if a child grows up to be gay, then that is what was meant to happen. If it is a poor choice, then I am going to hell forever. The poor choice was reading this article, which I will print and then promptly wipe with.

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