University of Texas at Austin Defends Mark Regnerus And His Paid For Anti-Gay Parenting Study

In an email exchange between an upset alumni of the University of Texas at Austin and the David Ochsner the Director of Public Affairs.  The University of Texas at Austin is standing behind and defending Mark Regnerus’ seriously flawed and anti-gay propaganda study the “New Family Structures Study,”  despite the fact that it was bought and paid for with money provided by the anti-gay Witherspoon Institute who’s key member is a founder of National Organization for Marriage, was published in a “scientific” journal whose editor has written many” pro- heterosexual marriage”papers and a book about the subject, and even the fact that in the past Regnerus’ in the past has stated that he cannot and will not separate his “christianity” from his work.

In the email from  David Ochsner the Director of Public Affairs.

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

I am responding on behalf of Dean Diehl. First, I want to thank you for your thoughtful letter. We always appreciate hearing from alumni, whether it entails praise or criticism. Indeed, criticism is vital to our quality as an institution. So is the freedom to explore ideas and issues that might at times be inconvenient or upsetting to certain individuals or groups.

As for the funding, our faculty receive funding from a variety of sources that represent the right, center and left of the political spectrum. We also expect our faculty to receive such funding with no strings attached to the outcome. Prof. Regnerus  assured us that he made this clear with the funding sources.

This research has sparked a discussion on campus that I believe will be beneficial for our faculty, students and alumni. Dismissing a faculty member because we disagree with his or her research doesn’t advance anything, and would suggest that we prefer to silence someone rather than engage in rigorous discussion that is expected at a major university.

I would also add that Prof. Regnerus’ research was published in a peer-reviewed journal, which included scholars who disagreed with Prof. Regnerus on several points but nevertheless defended the overall value of the research.

Knowledge is advanced when we engage in respectful discussion and debate of our differences. That is how our students, indeed all of us, develop the analytical and critical skills necessary to address today’s complex and often controversial questions.

I truly hope you will join us in this discussion, and continue to participate in the life and learning of The University of Texas at Austin.

David Ochsner –
Director of Public Affairs
College of Liberal Arts

The University of Texas at Austin is defending Regarus’ “study” because he assured the University that the funding donated by the Witherspoon Institute that has heavy ties to the National Organization for Marriage, one of the most vehemently anti-gay marriage organizations in the country at the moment  came as “no stings attached” donation?  Not to mention that it was published in a “peer related journal” namely Social Science Research, at which James D. Wright the Editor,  has not only written a book called “The Covenenat of Marriage” but also talked about “the threat of gay marriage as a potentially destructive influence on the institution of marriage.” 

Lets hope that the educational standard is much better at the The University of Texas at at Austin than their cover-up excuses.

If anything University of Texas should dismiss Regnerus for academic fraud. Far from a researcher, he has a political agenda and is working hand-in-hand with other like-minded agenda-driven “academics” like James D. Wright, The Witherspoon Institute and The National Organization for Marriage to destroy the lives of gay and lesbian Americans and using their University as a front to do so.


One thought on “University of Texas at Austin Defends Mark Regnerus And His Paid For Anti-Gay Parenting Study

  1. I find interesting that Witherspoon and Bradley Foundation are described as having supplied some of the funding for the NOM study. Who gave the rest of the money? What was the total expense for this study; is their transparency in the funding? University officials of course are not in this instance going to uphold their own academic honor code, though Regnerus clearly violated it; it says, for example, that scholars are not to use misinformation to do an injury to others. Although this study was privately funded, the school is a public institution that receives public monies. A well-conceived grass-roots campaign demanding an investigation of UTA’s apparent ethics violations through its support of Regnerus’s shameless shilling for NOM, could and should lead to the school losing public funding. Note that sociologists from Brigham Young University were involved in creating the study design. Brigham Young has an “Honor Code;” it includes a prohibition against any BYU person saying or doing anything even to suggest that homosexuality is morally acceptable.

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