Removed Lesbian Den Leader Jennifer Tyrrell and George Takei Dress As Boy Scouts for NYC Pride 2012

George Takei joined Jennifer Tyrrell the Ohio mom who was kicked out as leader of her son’s Boy Scouts troop because she’s a lesbian in New York City’s Gay Pride Parade weher both gave the Boy Scouts an “in your face” by dressing up in Boy Scout of America uniforms.

Said Takei:

Some of my best memories from my boyhood are of my scouting days.  I played bass bugle in our troop’s drum and bugle corps. We marched in  Fourth of July parades. We learned teamwork and brotherhood from camping  together. The Boy Scouts built my character. As an adult, I was shocked and  deeply disappointed to learn that the Scouts discriminate against LGBT people.  This is contrary to the ideals of equality and fair play that I hold dear. The  Boy Scouts must change.”

Actually was in the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts also.  Ironically I was in the “Beaver Partol”.  (No really I’m not making that up!)

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