Pro-Wrestling League In Louisville, KY Does Gay-Wedding Storyline – Video

Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY  surprisingly just did a storyline about an openly gay wrestler, Paredyse, and his nemesis anti-gay bigot  Brandon Espinosa.

After Paredyse kicked the living “santorum” out of Espinosa in a “Admit or Quit” grudge match.  Espinosa’s anti-gay character took from recent LGBT studies and admitted that underneath all his hateful homophobia and bigotry he was gay himself.

But that wasn’t the end of the storyline.

Now a week later.  Paredyse got down on one knee and asked the newly outed Espinoza to be his “partner” (There is NO same sex marriage in Kentucky”) to chants of “Just say yes!” from the audience which led the match announcers to ponder “Whats happening to our crowd?”

Okay, so the character of “Paradyse” is a bit of stereotype “swish” but he was the “good guy” in this storyline and he did defeat the “anti-gay bad guy” and did make him see the light.

Kudos to Ohio Valley Wrestling  which is affiliated to with is affiliated with TNA of bringing this storyline to middle America.  It.  But it is the best we have here and very effective.

It may not be the best representation but it does bring the message to middle America in a way that more palatable to their base and more effective than celebrity studded PSA’s

And after all it is Kentucky.

What do you think?

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