Married Gay Couple Living In OHIO Told To Lie To Have Their Names Changed – VIDEO

Once again the un-great and anti-gay state of Ohio is stuck on stupid.

Stephen Hill and partner Josh Snyder were married in the District of Columbia  on May 3, 2011.  Unfortunately they currently reside in Ohio which has one of the harshest statewide DOMA laws.  So harsh in fact that Hill and Synder who want to change their last names to a collective Hill-Snyder are gearing up for battle in court because they fear that their initial request has been denied.

Before even going before the judge with their petition  Hill and Synder were pulled aside by a local magistrate and it was implied that unless they lied and covered up their being married it would be unlikely for them to  get the change approved because Ohio law doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages.

Both Stephen and  Joshua refused to lie and after a judge heard their request, he unusually, did not issue an immediate  response, promising instead to mail them a reply.

The couple believe their  initial petition for a name change will be denied and, as such, are preparing  for a court battle.

Stephen Hill by the way was the soldier who was booed by members of the audience during a  Republican presidential debate earlier this year when he asked if the  candidates would reinstate the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rule that banned gay  members of the military from being open about their sexuality.

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