LGBT VIctory In Russia As St. Petersburg Judge Rules Anti-Propaganda Law Is Unlawful

LGBT russian citizens scored a victory for their human rights as a judge in St Petersburg has ruled that the recent “anti-propaganda law” that allows St Petersburg officials to ban LGBT gatherings and events is unlawful.

Coming Out St Petersburg has reported that the Smolninsky district court had handed down a decision yesterday saying the authorities lacked the competence to determine whether the events would amount to propaganda before they took place.

It also denied the officials’ standing to cancel events, saying they only had authority to suggest alternative times and places for rallies.

The law which prohibits the passing of  “propaganda (information, etc) of sodomy (homosexuality), lesbianism, bisexualism, transgenderism, and pedophilia to minors’.  Was passed by the St Petersburg legislature earlier this year and purposely  lumped the LGBT Community into one law with pedophilia to demonize LGBT community even more and to severely limit its human rights in Russia

Although a reason to celebrate, this ruling does not guarantee future rallies would not be banned. But it is a start.

Release in Russian HERE:

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