HomoCONs GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans Cry Over The Affordable Health Care Act Repeal FAIL

GOFuckYourself GOProud:

Today, the Supreme Court has ignored the Constitution and given the federal government unfettered and unchecked power. Today is a good day for big government and a bad day for individual liberty. This decision reminds us of how important it is to elect conservatives to the House, Senate and the White House that will protect our individual liberties, because it is clear that the Supreme Court is unwilling to do so. Free market healthcare reform would expand access to domestic partner benefits and put gay people in charge of their healthcare decisions. By upholding Obamacare, the Supreme Court has upheld legislation that hurts all Americans, but especially hurts gay and lesbian families.

Log Cabin REPUGNANTS Republicans:

Today’s ruling by the United States Supreme Court upholding Obamacare is a license for Washington to continue its expansion into the lives of American citizens and businesses. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice Roberts wrote, “Simply put, Congress may tax and spend.” “By upholding even the most intrusive provision of Obamacare, the individual mandate, the court has enabled Washington’s addiction to big government and coercive taxes,” said Christian Berle, Log Cabin Republicans Deputy Executive Director. “The individual mandate forced through Congress was an unprecedented expansion of federal power in blatant disregard of the will of the American people. Log Cabin looks forward to working with our Republican allies in Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare with real, market-driven reforms that will lower costs while preserving the standard of care Americans deserve.

Wah wah wah Fuck the poor….

Wah wah, wah I want more money….

Wah wah wah. Screw everyone else….

Wah wah wah I have mine so wah wah should I care?

Wah wah, wah I’m a rich fag wah wah wah.

C’mon traitors.  Let me taste your tears ….because as bitter as they are they are a sweet whine to me!

One thought on “HomoCONs GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans Cry Over The Affordable Health Care Act Repeal FAIL

  1. It is funny that the repulsivecons now consider John Roberts (their former hero) an activist judge. Thank god Roberts had the common sense to thoughtfully consider the law and vote accordingly. Repulsivecons generally believe that to be a true conservative you must vote the party line. Do this people have even one shred of integrity?

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