The Gayly News: Bryan Fischer Boy Scout, Even The GOP Hates Mitt Romney, LOGO-TV Who? And MORE!

*  163 GOP delegates bring a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee to get rid of Mitt Romney – I love it when Republicans eat their own. Would you like fries with that?

*  Montana Republican Party drops criminalizing homosexuality from its platform.  They’ll just hate us secretly. 

* LOGO-TV (are they still around) drops The A-List New York Or as many liked to refer to it The Hepatitis A List of New York.

American Family Association Bryan FISTer Fischer warned his 3 listeners that allowing gays in the Boy Scouts  would allow “homosexual pedophiles like this  Jerry Sandusky” to infiltrate the BSA.  FISTer Fischer was seen later that day being measured for a Troop Leader uniform.

* The campus LGBT Group at the scariest evangelical Christian college in America, Bob Jones University is called “BJ Unite.”  BEST NAME EVER!

True Blood creator Alan Ball says that Rick Santorum was a base point for Chris Meloni and The Vampire Authority in this seasons True Blood storyline because  ” to have a theocracy in America  is way more terrifying than any fictional monster could ever be.” – And also Santorum SUCKS!

”  Los Angeles right wing loon street preacher screams at Pride atendee’s, “Stop eating your poo-poo!”What a shithead.

All same-sex unions are against Jewish Law, United Kingdom Chief Rabbi’s consultation response says – Ah stuff a Bacon Cheese Burger in your kuglehole Rabbi.

What do you think?

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