6 thoughts on “Zak’s GaydyUp News Update Y’all – General Mills, Trix, and Sleeveless Tee’s!

  1. We need to get Target to oppose the marriage amendment as well.
    Hey, you should have added that the Pentagon declared Pride month for all the enlisted. That, in of itself should, force both Elaine Donnelly and Tony Perkins to go on a regimen of Xanax!! Ha!

  2. Hi Buffy & Zak

    War on marriage? How F*@$!ing ridiculous does that sound? Such a desperate move to even coin that word in this issue.

    KUDOS to General Mills! Send Brian Brown some honey nut cheerios, that might bring some sweetness in his life.

    Great job Zak!

    1. Thanks, Neil! It’s pretty crazy what he’s saying now. I guess desperate times are calling for desperate measures!

  3. Thanks Zak..every so often, I think our community needs a reminder, to continue the fight for our rights…)))

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