The Experiment – Anti-Gay Straight Man Pretends To Be Gay for a Year (Video)

Timothy Kurek used to be one of those typical anti-gay “Christians” who couldn’t get over his so-called “religious” views about homosexuality until an idea came to him after a friend of his was rejected by her family when she came out as a lesbian

Kuerk in an attempt to understand what it was actually like to be gay, told everyone around him including friends and family that he was gay, and began to live his life as a gay American for one year.

The experiment which took place in Nashville TN and altered Kuerk’s views and “challenged” his beliefs.

Kurek even went so far as to apologize for his former view that being gay was sinful and wrong

One thought on “The Experiment – Anti-Gay Straight Man Pretends To Be Gay for a Year (Video)

  1. I’m glad Thomas Roberts displayed an appropriate amount of skepticism and even a smidgen of contempt. And I am glad this man admitted that he cannot possibly understand what it is like to be a gay person. Not to seem too harsh but I feel as if this man did this almost to feel better about himself and deal with his own issues and with the bigotry of his church. I will give him credit for that and the fact that he apologized. But….

    there was something about this whole process that made me uneasy. Perhaps if he condemned his own fundamentalist bigotry and that of his church I would feel better. I am just not sure. I am not sure I trust his motives or results. Maybe because I feel he did this experiment to write a book and make money. Maybe because he is not donating his profits to the LBGT community. But then maybe he will but I doubt it. I typically trust people but this time I’m not sure.

    Just saying….

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