Chicago Police Mock Boystown Robbery Victim: “Don’t Mess With The Boys In Dresses”

During a recent rash of iPhone robberies in LGBT area of Boystown in Chicago over the weekend disturbing audio has come forward of Chicago’s not-so-finest mocking and blaming the victims of crimes over the police radio.

In an audio recording of the police scanner traffic received by, a male dispatcher is heard broadcasting a robbery in progress near North Halsted at 5:17 a.m. Sunday.

A male officer replies four minutes later that he found nothing in the area.

Less than 30 seconds pass before the dispatcher reports that the victim, a Hispanic male, placed a 911 call and was robbed by “four male blacks dressed as females.” An ambulance is dispatched.

The officer then states over the police radio, “If you wouldn’t stay out late, this wouldn’t happen.”
The dispatcher jokes, “If you wouldn’t mess with boys in dresses, this wouldn’t happen.”

About eight minutes after the initial dispatch, the victim received help from another officer responding to the call.

“Blaming the victim aspect of this incident is troubling,”said Christina Kahrl, Lakeview Action Coalition (LAC) volunteer leader and Equality Illinois board director.  “LAC has been working with the Chicago Police Department to develop general protocols to ensure police sensitivity and competence on transgender issues, whether they are suspects or victims. The goal is that the police treat transgender folk with the same dignity and respect owed to all people.”

The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) is looking into the matter but (of course) neither the officer nor dispatcher have been identified.

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