Dear B2S readers,

Following the increased interest in the site, we are looking to expand our team to ensure that we keep providing you all with the most up-to-date gay-related news, stories, media, photos and fun from across the world.

Are you an avid reader of our site? Do you have a passion for gay rights? Does tapping out gay news on your keyboard to help educate and inform your peers tickle your fancy?

Back2Stonewall is not just one of the leading LGBT blogs in the USA, but is also recognised by LGBT groups across the world for delivering independent, uncensored and bullshit-free news. As you will well know, we are not just on top of news stories as they happen, but also provide a whole range of less serious content, delivering a holistic and entertaining source for our readers.

As a B2S journlist, you will be provided with a personal log-in to post your own articles, support and advice on using WordPress, a back2stonewall email address, and opportunities to attend LGBT forums and events as a B2S representative.

To ensure we select the best candidate, we ask that you do two small tasks:

1) write an article for the website. This can be a news article that has not already been covered on the site (or about something that happens this week), or a opinion piece about an LGBT issue of your choice that you feel you would like to contribute your opinion to.
NB. By submitting this article you disclose permission for us to post the article on the site, if we so choose. Please indicate if you would like to remain anonymous for this post or if you have a twitter name that you would like us to mention.

2) write 2-3 paragraphs explaining why we should select you. You may wish to consider the following: about yourself and your motivations for writing for B2S your writing experience topics you are most likely to post about on the site any aspects of the site that you would like to change

We welcome applications from all individuals, of all ages, sexuality/identity and ethnicity. We particularly welcome applications from outside the USA.

Please submit your article and statement to as soon as possible. Applications received after June 20th may not be considered.

We look forward to reading your articles!
The Back2Stonewall Team


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