Wall Street Journal Editor Paul Gigot Dismisses Mitt Romney’s Anti-Gay Bullying With A “So What?”

Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Paul Gigot appeared on FOX News Sunday where he totally dismissed the upsetting story of Mitt Romney’s past as a bully and the episode where Mitt forcibly held down a fellow student in high school and chopped off his hair with sissors because he “looked too gay” according to statemesnts from others who were involved in the incident.

Said Gigot:

“He was a leader of the prankster group. So what? And this is the only anecdote I think they found that was kind of edgy. […] I think in terms of politics, if this is the worst thing that the American people find out about Mitt Romney in the next five months, he is going to be a very happy man.”

Edgy? It was an physical homophobic assault.  What if students at a school in the Northeast tackled a Christian student to the ground, yanked off the cross that he was wearing, took out some scissors and gave him a crew cut? Or did the same to Mormon child because of his faith and sheared.  Would that be edgy too?

Whats worse is that today SEEN THROUGH ADULT EYES , Romney STILL doesn’t think it was a big deal, while the victim John Yoblanski passed away in 2004 he  permanently psychologically scared by the incident and rmembered it to his passing while all the other “pranksters” involved as Gigot puts it are now sorry and feel remorse for doing it.   Romney does not..

This is nothing more than an example of one ReTHUGlican standing up for another.

You can reach Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot at paul.gigot@wsj.com or 917-510-2825

3 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal Editor Paul Gigot Dismisses Mitt Romney’s Anti-Gay Bullying With A “So What?”

  1. Was the statement “looked too gay” actually used? Because that’s what putting it in quotes makes it seem like.

    You also said that the victim is still permanently psychologically scarred, but he actually passed away a few years ago.

    And lastly, you can’t strip a Mormon child to his temple garments, as they are not given to someone until they receive their Endowment, which happens either before you go on a mission or before you get married. This doesn’t happen until you’re at least 18.

    Lastly, high school IS a long way to dig for political dirt, even though it was still a horrible thing that was done. I believe that is the key point that most people who frown at the WashPo article are trying to make.

    1. The post has been changed to clear up your concerns.

      As far as “most people who frown at the WashPo article are trying to make” perhaps you YOU should restate that as Most Mormons and Republicans frown at the WashPo article are trying to make.”

  2. It’s not the act itself that is as much the issue now, but his inability to admit what he did was wrong and express remorse for it. And this isn’t as far back as they’ve had to dig for dirt. This is just the beginning and that defining moment in his life, and he failed to learn anything from it. That is what worries people. Tormenting someone because of their sexuality real or perceived is an intolerable act, but he views it with non chalance, that’s a dangerous trait to have in a leader of ALL men.

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