Tony Perkin’s Family Research Council Honors NC Pastor Who Compares ‘Perverted’ Gays to Maggots

Tony Perkin’s and his Southern Law Poverty Center designated hate group The Family Research Council gave its highest honor to NC Pastor Ron Baity with its 2012 Watchman  Award, its top “pro-family” award and highest honor.

Batty in the past has claimed that gay people make society more filthy,  are “not normal“, embrace a “learned lifestyle“,  promote “perversion” in schools and are  signing “America’s death warrant”, among other things.

How nice… The HATE Oscars!

Perhaps MSNBC and CNN who continue to host Tony Perkins and his hatemongering hatemonger onto their shows to express his “Christian” viewpoint should have televised it.


12 thoughts on “Tony Perkin’s Family Research Council Honors NC Pastor Who Compares ‘Perverted’ Gays to Maggots

  1. Congrats to Dr. Baity. Thank God someone is willing to speak the truth regardless of the true hate being spread on sites like this one!

  2. Well, Will, if you’re one who views homosexuality as “normal”, you are obviously the wrong person to be talking about nature. And anything out there that says it’s in nature because it’s been proven by science obviously accepts “research” that was done unscientifically and by partial scientists.

    1. Mary:
      The only “partial scientists” claiming to have all the answers are the ones who embrace 2k year old holy books as truth.

      Homosexuality has been found in almost every species in the animal kingdom. Homophobia has been found in only one. Now what is abnormal?

  3. Thanks Will for the post. I hadn’t seen this till now. I will say that recently both CNN & MSNBC were not so submissive to Perkins as they had been. It was encouraging to watch, and, as for the Mary Bennetts of the world…I always remember that some people are sicker than others.

  4. Mary Bennett is a phony name used by some sad little provocateur to stir up trouble. He/she is not worth responding to.

  5. Mary Bennett is my real name. You can’t handle the truth! O am not stirring up trouble, just stating the obvious and what has been known as truth for our country’s entire history.

  6. Will. I have got to give you credit for being kind to this sad little person. Bigotry and hate must be a very painful condition.

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