Scandal Plagued Equality Ohio Lobbyist Named Director Of State GOP Party

Another one from the ONLY In Ohio Files.

There’s been a lot of news this morning about Matt Borges who works for the law firm Roetzel & Andress and is a hired lobbyist for Equality Ohio. Borges has been named the executive director of the Ohio Republican Party and anti-gay right wingers are up in arms and many gay groups are calling this an evolution within the Republican party on gay issues.  And they both might be wrong.

Borges, recently named to his role by Ohio GOP Chairman Robert T. Bennett, said he will take a leave of absence from the Columbus lobbying firm Roetzel & Andress through the end of the year and will resign as a lobbyist registered with the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee. His leave will begin soon — there’s one little-known bill in the legislature of interest to a client he’d like to see through — and will include a hiatus from lobbying for his 16 clients currently registered with the state. They include the Cincinnati Enquirer, MetroHealth System of Cleveland and Akron public schools.

Here’s the thing.  This is OHIO.  Lawyers and Lobbyist do not have to believe in the causes of their clients.  The believe in MONEY.  And Matt Borges GOP scandal plagued past points to exactly that.

Borges, was connected to an investigation involving the anti-gay then State Treasurer Joe Deters when he was state treasurer in 2004. Borges wound up pleading guilty  to improper use of a public office and was for giving  preferential treatment, including lucrative trades to some brokers doing business with the treasurer’s office.

In 2010 the law firm that Borges works for Roetzel & Andress was soliciting on their website money for clients to attend the Kasich Governor Inauguration and Borges was the firm’s government relations director, and also  executive director of Kaisch’s inaugural committee.   Kasich is also anti-gay.

Borges appointment as Director Of State Republican Party is not a LGBT breakthrough with the GOP and shouldn’t be viewed or reported as such.

He is a paid lobbyist. It is a job. Lobbyists don’t care what the job is as long as they get paid.

There’s no indication that Borges is even gay.  And if he is he’s a just another in a long line of typical HomoCons and if he isn’t he’s just “gay for pay” and Equality Ohio made a huge mistake when they hooked their to wagon Borges and his firm.

What do you think?

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