LGBT Flashback 1997 – The Billy Doll: The Worlds First Anatomically Correct Gay Doll

The “Billy Doll” created by artist John McKitterick and marketed in the United States by London-based Totem International was known as “the first out and proud gay doll”  McKitterick who originally designed Billy as limited-edition run of 1,200 dolls created to benefit an AIDS charity decided to mass market his creation after the entire first lot sold out in a matter of days.

Billy was 13 inches tall and was introduced in a number of versions,  many based upon stereotypical gay characters of the time.

Billy also came dressed in many outfits, including a standard business suit, but  Billy was also available as Sailor Billy, Cowboy Billy, Master Billy,  San Francisco Billy, and even once as Dolly Parton Drag Billy.  Other dolls in the Billy line included Carlos, Billy’s Puerto Rican boyfriend, and Tyson, their African American friend. And best of all Billy was anatomically correct!

The Billy doll was the subject of a 1998 exhibit at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City and at another charity event everal dozen fashion designers created custom outfits for Billy to benefit the AIDS charity LIFEBeat.

In 2001, a Billy donned a brown uniform with a patch reading “BPS” (for Billy’s Parcel Service) and the United Parcel Service sent Totem cease and desist letters advising that the uniform violated UPS’s registered trademark. Totem agreed to stop selling the brown-uniformed Billy style.

Shortly after that Billy stopped being manufactured.

Today the Billy Doll is highly collectible and becoming extremely rare with some versions fetching as much as $900.oo in mint condition at online auctions.

*CLICK the MORE button below to see Billy and his boyfriend Carlos in all their glory! – NWSF  (And interestingly Carlos is uncut.)


36 thoughts on “LGBT Flashback 1997 – The Billy Doll: The Worlds First Anatomically Correct Gay Doll

  1. I keep reading that Billy was introduced in 1997. But I have the AIDS awareness (tuxedo with red AIDS ribbon) Billy doll and his packaging says 1996?

  2. I wish they didn’t stop making them,I have billy & 4 outfits but i never got & wanted to get the fireman & parcel service outfit 🙁 i always wanted Carlos & Tyson as well but Ebay people are selling them for $250.00 & up & for the outfits they want $79.99 $50 for shipping,150.00 + $12 for shipping & 200.00 + $10 shipping & that’s so ridiculous That they are charging that.Totem bring Billy & his friends back. I only paid $49.99 $ 12.99 per outfit,i have 4 outfits. Please some one tell Totem!!!!

    1. Maybe I can help you out. I happen to have one (well, more, actually ) of your very much wanted “Billy Fireman”. In the original box. Bought it in NY two days before 9/11 for $48,00. One hitch : top lid is missing. I can assure you I never played with it (all grown up, really, and happily married ) but’s a flaw.
      Interested ? Send me a mail. I”ll take some photos from the actual doll and maybe we can talk business.

        1. Yes, still around – not for long though. l’ll be moving soon and decided to clean house. A lot of stuff is going bye-bye and that includes the last Billy doll (plus additional clothing set Frisco Billy) and the last Tyson. Next week the two of them are going on Ebay and/or Amazon. Plus, they’re up for sale at a real auction in Amsterdam, Holland (my current residence). So : if you’re really serious, respond…if not, not. BTW : could supply you with photos &c etcetera.

          1. Hello, I am looking for twoTyson Billy dolls to compete my collection: Sailor Tyson and Policeman Tyson (MIB) I have all of the other Tyson variations. I have two Tyson Army dolls and would be willing to trade him for either of the aforementioned variations I’m seeking or just buy them outright, for a fair price.

          2. Hi
            I know its been a year but was wondering if you still had any b illy and carlos dolls.would really love a carlos doll as i’ve been after one for years

  3. Billy and co. are not anatomically correct (or incorrect), they are anatomically absurd. That criticism isn’t limited to the summer-sausage members either, everything about the dolls’ design panders to the shallowest gay stereotypes in the most extreme way. They are grotesque parodies of a size queen gym rat’s wet dream.

  4. If anyone would be interested in the blonde tattooed Billy with towel and black speedo, I have one that is truly FINE. The original plastic package is included, although torn. Billy’s other package is quite superb. Hit me up!

    1. Hello M. Ray Torres, First of all my apologies sorry for the late response, it was transmitted through an old, but still functional e-mail adress. What I have left is one Tyson doll (very rare, only < 2000 made and about 700 sold), and one Billy original plus additional clothing set, as mentioned above. If seriously interested please contact me at

  5. I have 8 variations of Carlos, billy and tyson that I inherited. Where would be the best place to sell them?

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