Human Rights Activist Says Gay Olympic Athletes Should Seek Asylum At London Games

Human-rights activist and attorney Mark Stephens is calling out to  LGBT athletes from homophobic countries saying that they should apply for political asylum while they’re  in England for the London Olympics this summer.

“I invite you to apply for asylum in this country on the grounds that you will  face persecution at home if you are open about your sexual identity,” Stephens  said Tuesday at a speech in the capital city. “The British government will have  to hear your application and in doing so they will have to engage with the  human-rights abuses perpetrated against the LGBT communities across the world.”

In the past there have been many instances of atletes seeking political asylum from thier home countries during the Olympics.  the most famous being the 1956 Melbourne games in which  45 members of Hungary’s delegation refused to return home and sought political asylum in Australia.

I wonder if Mr. Stephens is also calling out to American LGBT athletes.

What do you think?

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