Fidel Castro’s Neice, Mariela Castro Leads Hundreds Through The Streets Of Cuba For LGBT Rights

Mariela Castro, a noted gay rights advocate and head of Cuba’s National Center for Sex Education,  led a colorful march of over 400 hundred LGBT and straight allies and advocates through the sweltering streets of the capital for LGBT equality.  The event is linked to the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17

Mariela, niece of Fidel Castro and daughter to the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro earlier this weel praised Barack Obama on the final stage of his “evolution” to supporting same sex marraige:

The U.S. president delivered a message that was humane, understanding, in which he even recognizes that he too has been changing his opinion in favor of marriage, the free union of same-sex couples,” said Mariela. “Hopefully his words will be taken seriously in the political and legislative decisions made in different states and in the whole world.”

Mariella Castro has predicted for years that Cuba’s parliament was on the verge of legalizing gay marriage, but it has yet to happen. She said she hopes legislators would finally follow through when they next meet in July.

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