Another Day, Another Evil “Christian” Pastor Who Says “Gays Should Be Put To Death” – AUDIO

Meet “Pastor” Curtis Knapp of New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas.

Knapp is the latest so-called “Christian Pastor” who thinks and spreads the word to his deluded follows that  gays should be  put to death.  But Knapp goes one step further and thinks that the Government should should do it.

“They should be put to death. That’s what happened in Israel. That’s why  homosexuality wouldn’t have grown in Israel. It tends to limit conversions. It  tends to limit people coming out of the closet. — ‘Oh, so you’re saying we  should go out and start killing them, no?’ — I’m saying the government should.  They won’t but they should. [You say], ‘oh, I can’t believe you you’re horrible.  You’re a backwards neanderthal of a person.’ Is that what you’re calling  scripture? Is God a neanderthal backwards.. in his morality. Is it his word or  not? If it’s his word, he commanded it. It’s his idea, not mine. And I’m not  ashamed of it.”

Well someone certainly craves some attention now don’t they?

The haters are becoming more and more daring and they need to be stopped before this goes too far and someone gets seriously hurt because of these violent statements.

What the Government should be doing is arresting Seneca’s hateful ass immediately for inciting violence. And revoking his “church’s” non-profit status and that’s just for a start.

Why is the Baptist World Alliance not speaking out against such evil and hateful statements?

Jesus wept.

You can listen to Senaca’s anti-gay revival below if you can stomach it.

**Many thanks to the crusading Jeremey Hopper of As Good As You

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