Clay Aiken vs. Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins on Face the Nation – Clay Aiken?

Clay Aiken went up against MSNBC pundit and Family Research Council hate group President Tomy Perkin’s on Sunday’s Face the Nation.

Not only did Tony Perkins sit there and boldly LIE that churches are being forced to host gay weddings.  But over and over again he stated that civil rights are based on “natural law” and not once was he corrected with the truth that civil rights are based on the “Declaration of Independence” and the “Constitiution of the United States” and whats right and whats good.

Now I know that Clay Aiken helped out greatly with fighting against North Carolina’s Amendment One.  But was he really a good choice to sit against Perkins on Meet The Press?

Only until we have spokespeople on television and in other forms of the media for the LGBT community who are strong and will speak up loudly and forcefully against the lies and propaganda that Perkin’s and his ilk say while they are and they are called out and proven liars in the public eyes will they ever stop getting national platforms to debase us.

Next time you need someone to go up against Tony Perkins, Face the Nation.  Call me.

What do you think?

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