Anti-Gay Terrorist Randy Thomasson and Save California Attack Harvey Milk – Disturbing Video

Randy Thomasson, president of is an Christian anti-gay terrorist.

That’s right,  I went there.


Let’s look at the definition of the word “terrorist” at WordNet Daily:

Noun 1. terrorist – a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities
Adj. 1. terrorist – characteristic of someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon); “terrorist activity”; “terrorist state”

The above definition sure sounds like Thomasson’s Save California, and other groups like his  (*cough* FRC, NOM, AFA *cough*) who employs fear and terror using blatant lies, propaganda and words that can lead to physical violence against the LGBT community.

Osama Bin Thomasson’s latest terror victim is the late great Harvey Milk who Thommason and his group Save California is trying to paint as a radical LGBT activist, pedophile and is also claiming that Harvey gave he gave AIDS to his boyfriend before he was senselessly assasinated by Dan White,  someone who hated gays as much as Thommason and who, if were alive today probably would be a member of Thomasson’s group.

In a recent “interview” with Thomasson at the extreme Christian conservative “news” site World Net Daily continued his attack on Milk, upset becaus YouTube recently yanked a heinously anti-gay Milk propaganda video.

“YouTube’s committee yanked it,” Thomasson said. “They did the bidding of the homosexual activists and apparently don’t do their research and all of these are true facts.”

“People around the world – they’re getting a one-sided and biased, incorrect picture of Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk is being called a hero and a role model. Actually, he was a sexual predator,” Thomasson said.

“It doesn’t show all of the young boyfriends Harvey Milk had. It made him look like he had only one steady, older boyfriend. It doesn’t talk about all of the boyfriends who went and killed themselves because they got AIDS and so forth,” Thomasson said.

Speaking of research someone should tell Thomasson that AIDS was not even discovered until 4 years after Harvey Milks assasination.  But he probably knows that anyway and it doesn;t matter to him because his lies are his weapons.  (Hmmm much like Satans!)

Thomasson once said that Harvey Milk Day will unleash a “tsunami of perversity” in public schools.  But I say there is nothing more perverse than hate-mongering, fear spreading liars and propaganda peddlers like Thomasson and his ilk.

Simply put the man is nothing more than terrorist scum.

Randy Thomasson and Save California’s Harvey Milk Propaganda Video – Warning: Very Upsetting

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