Video – San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Presents The Hunky Jesus Competition 2012

This year San Francisco’s own Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence celebrated their 33rd year of presenting the FABULASH Hunky Jesus Easter Contest in Dolores Park.

Said (Porno) Pete LaBarbera of the Hate Group American’s for Truth About Homosexuality of the contest.

The profane and shockingly insensitive spectacle illustrates the secular, pro-“gay” Left’s hypocrisy in demanding “respect” for homosexuals and transsexuals — even as they cynically mock Christ and true religion on the holiest day of the year for Christians.

There’s nothing that delights arrogant, pro-homosexual liberals more than making fun of Bible-believing Christians — as evidenced by this blasphemous Easter ‘contest. Of course, it goes without saying that these defiant champions of ‘tolerance and diversity’ wouldn’t dare hold a ‘Hunky Muhammad’ contest during Ramadan — so it seems even envelope-pushing, in-your-face, pro-perversion libertines know their limits. The “Hunky Jesus” contest symbolizes the contempt that many homosexual militants have for God and religion. Politically this translates into their growing advocacy of pro-homosexuality laws that use State power to crush Americans’ historic religious and First Amendment liberties. Gay activists are out of the closet in their plans to criminalize Christianity insofar as it relates to their particular politically-correct sin,”

Sure sounds like a winner to me!

And btw Petey. I know many hunky guys named Muhammad and I’d have no problem doing them on Ramadan. LOL!


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