Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Meme Compilation

Because we never tire of looking at his face…

(And the memes are pretty funny)

If you have no idea who Zeddie Watkins Little – or “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” as he is known all over the world – then, frankly, where have you been? After casually smiling at a random photographer (Will King) during the 10K Cooper River Bridge Run, held in Charleston, South Carolina (Little’s hometown), the photograph of Little went viral all over the internet a little while ago.

In an interview on Good Morning America, Little said “I kind of feel honoured to be part of a joke that’s in good spirits because sometimes the internet can be a little vicious or jokes can get bent the wrong way. These are all, for the most part, positive and it’s funny that everybody’s taken … to it. It’s, I guess, the most flattering way to get spread across the internet.”

Not only is he great to look at, but he’s got a good heart too – he’s planning to use his internet stardom to help raise money for aortic disease whilst running the New York marathon.

Although they mention that he has a beautiful girlfriend in the interview, they don’t show her in the aforementioned link, so we can live in ignorance guys and keep dreaming!

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