Gay Family Snubbed At White House Easter Event, Unable To Ask Obama To Ban LGBT Employment Discrimination

Much has been written the past week on both LGBT media new sites and the mainstream media about Jarrod Scarborough and Less Sewell a gay couple who with their children who received tickets to attend the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll and had planned to ask President Obama to sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination by any federal contractor on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Unfortunately though  it didn’t happen. 

 The President and his family were only at the Easter Egg Roll in the morning hours while Scarborough and Sewell family’s tickets were for the 12:15pm time-slot and by then the President was long gone  and in meeting with Hillary Clinton.  And while it asks a lot that the President would step out of important meetings to talk to the couple sources say that Scarborough and Sewell were unable to talk with anyone in the Administration about the anti-discrimination measure.  Considering the amount of national coverage that this couple has had and the advance notice that the White House had you would think that someone would have been available to hear their request.

But even though Scarborough and Sewell did not get to deliver their message, the LGBT workplace discrimination issue has garnered much national attention but along with that there has been much misreporting also, especially about the executive order itself.  And its decription of being an ENDA (Employee Non Discrimination Act)  executive order

The executive order is not about ENDA and has nothing to do with it even although many gay and mainstream media outlets are reporting it as such.  The proposed executive order would ONLY apply to private sector companies that hold contracts over a certain amount of money with the Federal Government and would affect roughly 20 percent of the businesses in the United States

To report it as an  ENDA Executive Order is a misrepresentation and one that only confuses the LGBT Community, the national media outlets, and while it is an important step to equality and mirrors Lyndon’s Johnson EO 11246 of 1965 it is NOT ENDA.

Just trying to set the record straight.

What do you think?

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