CitizensTake On Kansas SB 142 “Preservation of Religious Freedom Act” That Promotes LGBT Discrimination

Protesters took to the steps of the Kansas Capitol steps Thursday to protest legislative hate and fight the passage  SB 142, also called the Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act that would allow renters, business owners and citizens to deny services to those who violate their religious tenets in doublespeak.

The LGBT community is the SB142’s intended victims because the bill states itself states that while religious tenets are to be protected that Kansans “not be able to use religion to justify discrimination based on gender, race or ethnicity” but purposely leaves  leaves sexual orientation and gender identification.

Kim Burton, a Republican, traveled from Wichita with her 2-year-old daughter Lucy to address what she saw as an infringement of state government on local government home rule.

“I’m concerned about the rights of my friends who are gay and lesbians being trampled on. I don’t think it should be legal to evict them from apartments if they are gay. It’s almost like the state government is coming down on municipal governments and saying you are not allowed to protect them anymore, and I think that is a shame.”

“It is legislative abuse, it is legislative bullying and it is legislative dictatorship and it should not be permitted,” said Pedro Irigonegaray of the Kansas Equality Coalition while addressing the crowd

The bill has passed the House on a 91-33 vote. It could be debated in a Senate committee, then sent to the Senate floor.


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