Catholic Priest in Seattle Receives Standing Ovation for Standing Up For Same Sex Marriage.

This is what progress looks like!

When I read articles about how leaders in the Catholic Church stand up for what is right, it lets me know that progress is being made. This is a huge win for the LGBT Community on many levels. This priest has stood up in front of his congregation as a the leader that he is.

He has also put himself on the line for a cause that is right. The article below gives a brief synopsis of what happened when he told his church that he would not be supporting the Referendum to try and take marriage from the LGBT community. In my mind, this essentially shows that people are starting to realize this is the right thing to do. It’s time to get on board, or get off the train and let progress happen!

From Think Progress:

At least six Catholic parishes in Washington state have ignored the Seattle Archbishop’s call to gather signatures for a referendum repealing the state’s recently-enacted marriage equality law, calling the effort “hurtful and seriously divisive in our community.” “Seattle’s Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church gave the Rev. Tim Clark a standing ovation Sunday” when he announced that the parish would not be participating in the anti-equality effort:

“I am happy to report that Our Lady of the Lake parish-oners have been overwhelmingly and, thus far, unanimously supportive of the decision I made NOT to gather signatures in support of this Referendum,” Clark wrote in response to an e-mail.

The standing ovation experienced during one of the Masses says less about me and much more about the health of this parish. I only wished the archbishop could have experienced the sustained applause — the ‘sensus fidelium’ — of the people. He needs to listen to this ‘voice.’ That is my prayer.”

The other parishes to opt out of the signature drive include: St. James Cathedral, St. Joseph Church, St. Mary’s Church, St. Patrick Church and Christ Our Hope Catholic Church.

Opinion polls have consistently shown that Catholics reject the Church’s opposition to marriage equality, with nearly three-quarters of Catholics favoring “either allowing gay and lesbian people to marry (43%) or allowing them to form civil unions (31%). Only 22% of Catholics say there should be no legal recognition of a gay couple’s relationship.”

What do you think?

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